The Sex Technique Institute

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The Sex Technique Institute

Gina and I had come up with the idea last summer and we spent the entire winter working out the details and in a few short days, the first session of our Sexual Techniques Institute would begin. The weather was perfect so many of the sessions would be held outside. We had purchased a hundred acres out in the country and with the help of several friends erected the beginnings of a lodge we hoped to develop into plush accommodations for the participants in our program over the next months and years. There was a lot of work to be done, but our first ?class? would at least be able to enjoy the beautiful countryside location in a place where the climate was as near to perfect as you could get.

What our institute was going to do was teach people how to have really good sex. At the beginning we decided to accept ten members of each sex for the two week session. We interviewed each of the applications we received (we got over 120 for the twenty spots we would have in the first session). The interview consisted of a several step procedure designed by Gina and me to insure that everyone would get the biggest bang for their buck, no pun intended. There was a psychological test administered by a licensed psychologist. Then there was a review of each applicant?s application answers with the applicant, in person. Finally, there was a second interview with either myself or Gina depending on whether the applicant was male or female. This part of the interview was conducted with the applicant completely naked. If the applicant was a woman, I would be the interviewer. If the applicant were a man, Gina would be the interviewer. Before the person entered the room for this final ?interview? he or she would be instructed to remove all clothing. One of our assistants would then usher the applicant into the interview room and either I or Gina would be sitting in a reclining chair, tilted back. Let me give you an example of one of the interviews I conducted with a young woman named Melanie that we ultimately accepted for the first session. I readied myself for the interview by removing all my clothing and stimulating myself until I was fully erect. To let you know what I look like: I am about 5?11, 170 lbs. I try to work out a few times a week. Fully erect, my penis is seven inches long and six inches around. I know because this was part of our ?self-assessment.? I?m not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but I can effectively use my equipment with the right partner. Anyway, I was sitting there stroking myself when the assistant led a completely naked Melissa into the interview room. I stood (and of course this accentuated the now very positive aspects of my body) and said ?Melissa, I?m Jack and I?d like to welcome you to STI.?

Before I continue, let me say, Melissa was very attractive. She was (according to the information provided by her) 5?4? tall and weighed 117 lbs. She had blond hair. She did have blond hair and indian santali xvideo she had blond pubic hair as well, Her breasts were ample, by my estimation 36C, with /nipples/perfect-nipples/">perfect nipples that were somewhat aroused (a good sign in a place like this).

?I?m happy to meet you, Jack.?
She took my erect penis in her hand and stroked it saying ?Glad to meet you too!?

?As you know, Melissa, the purpose of this Institute is to assist our clients in having /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex they can. Not just today, but everyday of the rest of their lives. We are also confident that our clients will be able teach what they learn here to others.?

I invited Melissa to have a seat, which she did. When she sat down she kept her legs apart and I could see that small drops were forming at the bottom of her vaginal opening (another good sign). As I questioned Melissa about her sexual interests I kept stroking my /erection/">erection, careful not to stimulate myself to the point of orgasm. I was going to advise Melissa that she should feel free to touch herself in anyway she wanted as we talked because the more information I could glean from both our conversation and from my observation of her, the better chances she had for admission.

?Jack, do you mind if I move much closer to you. I would like to examine your penis closely, it helps me learn something about the man I?m talking to.?
I motioned her to move closer and she actually kneeled on the floor between my legs and took my penis in her hands quite gently. ?Jack, you have a moderately /penis/large-penis/">large penis, I would guess you are about 7??

I told her I was about a half inch longer than that by my own measurement. I let her continue with her examination. She circled her finger around the head of my cock, feeling the ridge which was now quite engorged. She then formed a circle with her thumb and index finger and encircled my organ. She ran the circle up and down my shaft.

?I think about 6 in diameter? Is that about right, Jack??
?Very good, Melissa.?

She took my balls in her fingers, cupping them both with her right hand. She could never know this in advance, but this is one of the things that can quickly bring an orgasm for me. I gasped reflexively, not in pain but in complete pleasure.

?You know, Jack, one of the things I learned early on is that there are as many nerve pleasure centers in a man?s scrotum and balls as in his penis and I can see this is definitely true with you.?
?Unhuh.? is all I could manage.

Without saying anything else, Melissa brought her face closer to my organ. She could see there was some pre-cum oozing out of the hole at the tip. She ran her tongue across, licking it off.

?Slightly salty taste, I like that. I like it when men dribble, it?s just sexy.?

She then proceeding to take me into her mouth and then as she began drawing me out she sucked on me and the sensation was amazing. She stood up then and began to sit down.

?Melissa, are you a virgin??

She responded that she was not, but that she was very tight. She also volunteered that she regularly exercised to strengthen her vaginal muscles. She stood again and walked toward me. She took my hand and brought it to her velvety pussy and I began feeling the soft pubic hair which was now becoming damp and fragrant. She bent down and lowered the arms to the reclining chair I was sitting in.

?I would like to demonstrate to you Jack just what I have and what I can offer the Institute.?

She straddled me and as she lowered herself on top of me, guided my erection into her vagina. She was very well lubricated and she moved easily to accommodate my entire organ inside her. I took her hips and moved her up and down over my erection and asked her if she would mind if I sucked on her nipples. All she did was nod so I held her left breast gently and brought the nipple to my mouth. I let my tongue caress it to full erection and then I did the same with her right breast. I could hear her breath more heavily.

?Jack, how could you have known that kissing my nipples sends jolts of energy right between my legs??

I didn?t know, but I could have guessed. She lifted herself off of me and knelt again between my legs. She took my cock in her mouth again and this time sucked until I began to /climax/">climax. She slid me out of her mouth so that I could watch as my cum squirted into her mouth. Before my cock stopped throbbing she had me again in her mouth and then began licking the entire organ. I could see a small drop of cum at the corner of her mouth. Melissa then sat on my lap sideways so I could massage the area between her /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips. I did this for only a few moments when I could tell she was climaxing.
We relaxed for a moment and I asked her if she had any other questions about the Institute.

?Well, what kinds of things will we be doing??
?I don?t want to spoil it for you, Melissa. Half the fun is in the /surprise/">surprise but I will tell you that the session begins in two weeks and I want to welcome you to the first class.?

She smiled, turned and walked out with the assistant to get dressed.
Later that day I told Gina alain lyle porn about her and that I had accepted her on the spot. Gina told me about one of the men she had interviewed and said that she thought he would be an excellent partner for Melissa, especially when we got to the Sex Playground part of the program. She told me his name was Peter.
Well, I think you have a feel for what might be happening at the STI in the weeks ahead. I think you see what kind of applicants might be successful as well. Make Sure you get you application in as soon as possible!