Friends Mom

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Friends Mom

I was supposed to meet Greg at his place, becuase we were going out to the local bar to celebrate his 21st.
I knocked on the wooden door.
The was a few faint sounds of footsteps then a door opened.
A middle aged /blonde/">blonde woman with /big/big-breasts/">big breasts and a very apparent big rear stood at the door.
"Oh Hi! You're here blowjob porn videos to see Greg right?"
She said cheerfully.
"Yes." I said, responding shyly.
"Well come In, Greg Is just Started taking a shower."
I walked into the house and as intructed, took a seat on the flower patterned couch.
She sat next to me.
I kind of felt uncomfortable, associating with a woman with a big pack, but She wanted to associatiate with milf porn videos me.
"Well, Im Holly, Gregs /mom/">mom. And you are?" She asked eagerly.
"I'm Jake. I've known Greg since we were at kindergarten."
She nodded, now coming closer until her hand touched mine.
I looked at her.
The blue hue in her eyes sent me twirling in a hypnotic feeling.
In no time our lips were locked.
I had my tounge moving around her cheek, and touching her tounge.
Then we were lying down on the couch kissing madly.

Spit starting to ooze out of our lips as we uncontrollably kissed.
We stopped, and paused for a moment looking in eachothers eyes.
She gave out faint heaves of enjoyment.
I grabbed her skimpy dress and ripped it till she was in her bra and panties.
I kissed her belly button softly and passionatley.
She gave out soft moans with each kiss.
I lunged my hand out to the Bra and ripped it off.
Her Breasts seemed to pop out.
I sucked them like I was a baby in need of milk.
Then I proceeded to the panties, peeling them off slowly, unveiling the pinkest, and nicest pussy.
I kissed it gently, she moaned again.
Then I pulled off my shirt and ripped off my pants.
My massive 10 incher flailing right in her face.
Without further or do, she grabbed it and sucked the tip.

It felt numb, then she started going deeper, making choking like sound.
She was deepthroating, not even with a look of struggle on her face.
I slapped her ass, and she moaned and sucked harder.
I slapped again and she turned her attention off my dick and started sucking my ballsacks.
I Groaned in enjoyment.
I turned her around and looked at her massive ass.
I grabbed My cock and penetrated in and she moaned.
I started off slow.
Then In a few seconds, I was fucking her so hard that her ass was rumbling, and a wet substance was dripping from her /hole/anal-hole/">anal hole.
I took out my penis and lifted her up and drilled her against the walls, insterting my cock furiously in her pussy.
"/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder! Yes! Yes!" She muttered as I drilled her.
"Oh Baby yes! I love it when you moan! Oh god that feels so motherfucking good! FUCK YEAH!" I ahouted as the feeling was overpowering me.
She was getting wet with each pounding.
I didn't give a fuck weather my friend was hearing me fuck his /hard/mom-hard/">mom hard, I just wanted to finsih her.
We we're now on the floor, leaving faint cum stains on the wall.
I went my fastest. Her breasts were jumping like /crazy/">crazy as I pounded her! As I fucked I sucked her breasts.
We knocked over a table as he went hard.
I pulled out my penis from here ready to fisnih off.
I cummed all over her body.
She smiled, then squirted all over my body.

We were now panting on the floor.
Her toying around with my cock, and me feeling her breasts.
"Fucking hell, I want more!" I said.
"Me too." She said, through huge breaths.
"We better put on some clothes." I said.
"Yeah." she agreed.
We put on our clothes again, trying to look as if nothing had happened.
Our shirts weren't on properly and our hair was wet and messed up.
Greg walked in.
"Alright dude lets go!" He said.
I stood up and started walking off.
When Greg wasn't looking she gave me a kiss, and I walked away.
As we got in the car, Greg looked at me and said.
"Man, you look tired as hell. Imagine if you just had a good fucking right now." He siad.
I faked a laugh, knowing that, that was the truth.
I'm definatley coming back next week.