Marital Escapades Part II

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Marital Escapades Part II

The next weekend, Kelly and I, decided to check out a new club that had opened. The flyer had said, in bold, ”Couples Night Every Saturday”. When we arrived and entered the club, Kelly pointed out that there were a lot of attractive couples in attendance. Kelly excused herself to the restroom, while I stayed behind to get our drinks. 

While I was waiting, a woman approached me. ”Are you enjoying yourself?” She asked. ”I am”, I replied. ”How about you?” ”I was getting really bored until I ran into you.” She said. She leaned forward to kiss me, when Kelly returned from the restroom, with a handsome man on her arm. ”And just who is this?” Kelly asked me. I kind of shrugged my shoulders and gave her a look of pure stupidity. The woman stood up and reached out towards Kelly, saying, ”You have a good looking man here. My name is Suzie.” Kelly accepted the handshake and replied, ”Thank you, I am Kelly and he is Jack.” As soon as the two women stopped shaking hands, Suzie went to the man and kissed him. Kelly and I gave each other a puzzled look. ”Do you two know each other?” I asked. Suzie laughed, and replied, ”Yes, this is my husband Ken.” Ken stuck out his hand, which I accepted. ”It is nice to meet you Jack.” He said. ”You have a very stunning wife.” ”So do you.” I replied. ”So what are you two up to this evening?” ”We are celebrating our fifth anniversary tonight.” Suzie told us. ”Would you care to join us?” Kelly and I looked at each other for a moment, and replied, ”Sure, it sounds like fun.”

We followed Ken and Suzie to their table. Upon arrival, Kelly and I were both shocked to see two other couples were already there. Ken introduced us to Bob and Jill, and Bill and Lisa. Ken was a good looking guy. In good shape and well groomed. Suzie was stunning. Her long black curls accentuated her curves and /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts. Bob was tall, around 6”2” with a slight spare tire on his waist. Jill was a blonde, also with nice curve and shapely, but smaller breasts. Bill was a large man. He was very muscular and taller than Bob. Lisa was a total knockout. Her body was lean and fit with just enough curves to look really, really good. Jim and Lisa worked at the gym, which explained their physiques.

We all sat and engaged in conversation. It turned out that all of us had a great deal in common. Under the table, I reach up to Kelly's pussy to find it completely wet. We all drank, talked and laughed for a while. Then I felt a hand on my cock. I looked at Kelly, and both of hers were on the table. When I the other way, I found Lisa staring at me. My cock jumped, and got rock hard. Lisa smile and giggled. She began to stroke it more vigorously through my slacks. I was getting pretty worked up, when Ken stood up and said, ”Let's all get out of here, and have some more fun.”

We all stood up to follow Ken and Suzie, when Kelly noticed my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She looked at me with wide eyes. I pointed to Lisa, and Kelly laughed. She had known that this was going to happen. We exited the club to find a huge stretch limo. ”It was a good thing that Kelly and I had taken a cab” I thought to myself. The eight of us climbed in the limo. As I sat, Ken noticed my stiff member and exclaimed, ”I see I am not the only one ready for some excitement.” ”We aren't the only ones, Ken.” I said, motioning towards Lisa and Kelly. Both women instantly turned red, as I sat between them. ”How did your cock get so hard?” Kelly asked me. I told her what Lisa was doing and she got a shocked look on her face. Kelly kissed me deep and hard. I moved my hand to her breast and lightly kneaded them. I heard a low moan. I looked up to see Suzie engulfing Ken's stiff prick. Lisa went right to work on my pants. Kelly assisted and soon both were sucking and licking on my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. I reached over and unzipped Lisa's dress. It didn't take her long to wiggle out of it. Bill moved over next to me and shoved his long dick in Kelly's mouth. Just then, the car stopped. Ken stood up and announced, ”It's time to /party/">party now!!!”

As we all exited the limo, we took off what clothes we had on off. The house in front of us was enormous. Ken led all of us though the house and into the backyard to the pool and hot tub. I dove into the pool right away. Kelly, Lisa, Bob, and Jill all dove in too. Ken and Bill were already double stuffing Suzie on the deck. Ken was lying on his back with Suzie's hot twat impaled on his long cock. Bill got behind her and pushed is thick fuck stick in her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. Suzie went ballistic. She bucked hard against both poles inside her. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body almost instantaneously. Bill pulled his large rod out of her ass, moved around, and shoved it in her mouth. Bill shouted he was cumming, and emptied his load down Suzie's throat. Ken pounded his rod furiously into his wife until he could no longer hold back. Ken yelled and pumped his seed deep in Suzie's twat. 

At the deep end of the pool, Bob got out of the water and sat on the edge. Kelly's mouth was attached to his cock. Jill, whom had been furiously fingering herself watching Ken, Bill and Suzie, got out of the pool and spread her legs over Bob's mouth. Bob stuck out his tongue and sent her into orgasm. His tongue danced around and on her clit, with amazing speed. Kelly climbed out of the pool and the three move o a pool lounge. Kelly knelt down on her hands and knees sticking her ass in the air. ”Fuck my pussy, Bobby. Please” She said. I thought Bob was going to cum right then. He thrust forward and into my wife he went. Jill didn't waste any time moving in front of Kelly. Jill pushed Kelly's face into her cunt. Kelly went nuts. Licking and sucking on Jill's pussy like there was no tomorrow. Bob kept a steady rhythm, making Kelly cum continuously for a few minutes. Kelly came really hard when Bob snuck his thumb in her ass. Bob quickly jumped and shoved his cock in Jill's mouth. Kelly reached up and fondled his balls. Kelly noticed Bob's balls tighten, and reached up and shoved two fingers in his ass. Bob howled as he shot his load on Jill's face and in her mouth. After which, Kelly cleaned her off and they both sucked Bob hard again. Bob had never cum like that before. It was probably the most intense cum he had ever experienced.

I swam over to the shallow end stairs. Lisa had followed and was swallowing my cock under water. After a few minutes, Lisa suggested that we get a chair out of the water. I agreed and we both moved over to it. I laid her down, and dove into her beautiful pussy. I licked sucked and nibbled all over her clit. Lisa squirmed beneath me. She gently sucked the head of my cock, as her orgasm course through her body. Her shaved pussy was wonderful to eat on. I flipped Lisa around and sat her reverse cowgirl on my cock. She loved bouncing and riding my rod. It felt awesome. Then out of nowhere, Suzie planted her /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-soaked-pussy/">cum soaked pussy on my face. Not thinking, I began licking and sucking on her engorged pussy. The taste was different, but not /bad/">bad. Then it hit me. Suzie's pussy was full of Ken's cum. Suzie's orgasm made her grind her cunt harder into my face. I was digging it. A pussy on my cock and one in my face, what more could a guy want. Then Lisa told me she wanted me to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass.. I raised her up and gently pressed the head of my cock to her puckered hole. She slowly pressed against my hard shaft until it was fully buried in her tight anus. She started riding me and lifted up my legs for balance. I felt hands around my ass, but could not see who it was. That was when I felt the coldness of rubber press against my ass cheeks. I moved Suzie off of my head to Jill wearing a strap-on dildo. I was about to protest, when she slid it in to me. I tried to move, but with Lisa on top of me with my cock in her ass, and Suzie sitting on my face, there was really nowhere to go. 

Lisa continued bouncing on my cock the entire time. The pain from the dildo in my ass was minimal, not at all what I was expecting. After a minute or so, it actually started feeling good. I began to thrust harder into Lisa, making Jill's fake cock go deeper inside me. By this time, Kelly had joined the gang bang on me. I could not hold back any longer. I announced I was cumming. Sensing that I was really close, Lisa jumped off of me. Kelly grabbed my cock and swallowed it. I blew my wad into her beautiful mouth. I came so hard the Jill's strap-on slipped out. I was full hd xvideo download totally spent.. Kelly kissed me and the other girls giggled. I looked up to see what was so funny. Jill had taken the condom off of the strap on and was now fucking Lisa with it. These women had way to much sexual energy.

Suzie emerged from the house carrying a box. I walked over to it and looked in to find an assortment of dongs and dildos. Kelly arrived next to me and started digging through. She handed me a /fat/">fat /dildo/double-dildo/double-ended-dildo/">double ended dildo. I went over to where Lisa and Jill were still fucking. I had Jill pull out of Lisa Just enough so I could bury my face in her pussy again. I pushed one side of the /dildo/large-dildo/">large dildo inside Lisa. Then I turned it over and inserted the other. I made Jill lie on her back and Lisa get on top. I spread Jill's legs apart and slowly pushed the dildo into her ass, and pushed the other side in Lisa's ass. Both women began to scream and moan uncontrollably. Lisa's hip bucked back against the big dong and Jill's strap-on. It was amazing to watch. I let the dildo slip out of their asses, while their huge orgasms distracted them. 

I looked over to see Suzie with a large, life-like dong, stretching her pussy. Bob's cock was in her mouth, while Bill was shoving the dong in and out. Ken was doing the same thing to Kelly. Kelly was really enjoying this, she love having /toys/">toys inside her while she sucked cock. Lisa and Jill recovered slightly, but enough to engage in some more pleasure. Lisa put another strap-on dildo on, and the two walked to the other couples. Jill went to Ken just as he had mounted Kelly doggy style, and shoved her latex cock in his ass. Ken howled in /surprise/">surprise. He began to thrust in an out of Kelly, with such force that the strap on was completely buried in his ass. Kelly and Jill basically fucked the hell out of him. He came with a loud yell and a lot of semen. 

Lisa went over to Bob, with his cock in Suzie's mouth, and shoved her dong in his ass. Bob howled in displeasure. Cussing and spitting, making free porn movies download a big commotion. Bill told her to come around to his side. He replaced the rubber cock in Suzie's twat, with his own. Lisa had never thought about the possibility of fucking her husband in the ass, but since he suggested it, she went for it. Lisa eased the head of the dildo at his puckered brown eye and gently pressed it in. It made Bill take a deep breath and instantly start fucking Suzie with everything he had. Suzie reached orgasm really fast. Bill was not going to last much longer. Lisa picked up her pace fucking Bill's ass, Bill continues his furious pace. Suzie screamed, ”I'm cumming!!!!!!” Her pussy clenched down on Bill's cock. Bill let out a few more grunts and groans, before pulling his cock out of Suzie's pussy and shooting his cum all over her. Lisa let her rubber dong fall out of Bill. He collapsed on the lounge next to Suzie.

We were all totally spent, and move inside the house. Kelly and I cuddled up on the couch. We didn't know where everyone else was, and at that point, we didn't care either. We fell asleep in each other's arms in no time. We were awakened later to the sound of people moving about. I looked up to see a man in a tuxedo picking up clothes and shoes and laying them neatly by the door. He noticed I was awake and approached. ”Good morning, Sir.” He said, ”Would you like a cup of coffee?” ”Yes, make that two cups please.” I replied. He exited the room, and I kissed Kelly. ”Last night was so much fun.” She said, ”We should hook up with these guys again.” I agreed and helped her up so we could get dressed. The man in the tux returned with two coffees and then dismissed himself once more. Ken came down the stairs about the same time and said, ”Thank you, John,, you are a good man to have around..” John returned almost immediately with another cup of coffee for Ken, and then left again.

”We are going to have another party, next week, if you two are interested in attending.” said Ken, ”Here is my card. Call me and let us know..” Kelly and I were both grinning and shaking our heads. ”We will definitely be calling,” I told him. With that, his phone rang. ”Your ride is here to take you home,” he said. ”We hope to see you again soon.” Kelly and I agreed, gave him a hug and walked out to the limo. Once inside the limo, Kelly and I both agreed that we would definitely go out with Ken and Suzie again and again. Stayed tuned, for more to cum.