Reunion with my teacher

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Reunion with my teacher

Hi. Im Josh and 21 now. I had my high school /teacher/">teachers contact when I studied in Singapore. So this happened just yesterday when I went to Singapore to meet up with her.

Since I was born in a rich family, I stayed in the best hotel in Singapore. So after I settled down in the hotel, I sms-ed my teacher, Ms Nadiah, to inform her about my arrival.

After some time chatting over the phone, we agreed to meet at the hotels restaurant, without her knowing Im staying there.

"Hi! Josh! Wow, youre so much older now!" Ms Nadiah exclaimed.

"You too. In fact, xxx sex video download free com youre still as hot as you were the last time I saw you. No offense. But seriously, youre older than me by 18 years but look hotter than gals my age."

"Thanks... So why are we eating here, its very expensive, isnt it?" She replied, blushing

"Well. Im staying here, you want to check out the room?"I said, because she looked as though she want to explore the hotel like a toddler in a playground.

She just nodded anxiously, "Dont try to seduce me handsome, Im married, /sad/">sad to say."

When we went into my room, I said "Seriously? Damn, I had fantasies about you. Damn. Haha, just joking. So whos your husband?"

She seemed to ignore my question and explored my room in awe. Then after one round of checking out my room, she sat on the table like she did in school years ago, except in a very /hot/hot-sexy/sexy-and-hot/">sexy and hot pose.

"Erm, Ms Nadiah? About my question..." I was cut off before i can finish my sentence.

"Shush, honey. Dont talk about him. And call me honey too, when were alone." I just looked at her, puzzled. "We married a month ago, but on that same night, he need to go overseas for his job... I didnt get to show him my body... But hell be back next week."

Just then, I checked out her body, huge D cup tits, nice curve, solid ass and /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs. Shes so perfect, I started to let my mind wander but was caught by her.

"Hey. Stop it." Ms Nadiah spoke as she placed her hands on her hips just above her belt holding her baby pink dress.

"Ms Na... Honey, I really want to see your body." I said sheepishly as I tried to hide my cock.

Ms, Honey just unbuttoned the top two buttons and pulled her dress to the side to show her bra without saying anything. I tried to upskirt her through her short dress, Ignoring her bra-covered tits.

"Yeah, why not tell me. Since youre the first to ever want my body."

The next time i looked up, she had her bra in front of me and was playing with her tits. I took her bra and took off my pants and brief and placed her bra hanging on my cock.

My hand went in between her thigh to pull her panties out as i sucked sexxxx video ful hd on her nipples.

"Ill pull my panties out for you... Yeah Oh Yeah, yes keep pulling my nipple with your seducing /sweet/">sweet lips!"

I looked into my honeys eyes as i sucked and rubbed her boobs. She was caressing my cock and her pussy.

"Im so horny right now honey, let me take your virginity away as you take mine." And i pulled honey from the table onto my lap, facing me.

"Okay, honey. Continue on my tits, Ill do the rest."

"Hmm. mmm, mmm." I let out sounds as i sucked. " Yes. Thats right, yes, slowly honey slowly let your pussy down on me."

"Like thisss?, Oohh, like this?, mmm yeahh!" Honey moaned.

Soon, were getting the hang of it and she pumped me faster and faster. I took her panties and smell it while I pulled her nipples hard.

"AAHH, No, honey, no! Stop pulling it! My tit, ahh ahh, mmm, yeahh. ggod yeas.."

"Love it /bitch/">bitch, honey? Ahh, mmm. Love our horny reunion? mm, your pussy is so hot and tight..."

"Yes, I love it... And your dick, its so big.."

Well, although honeys on top of me, Im the one pumping her pussy with my 6 inch cock.

"Yeah, mmm, harder HARDER my baby honey, harder, give me your dick!"

"Sure," I said as i felt my cum moving and trying to come out." Let me give you and your husband a present!"

I told my honey as I cummed in her.

"OOO, yeahh, I can feel it, your sperm going so /crazy/">crazy."

" Yeahh mmm yeah, I love it babe, Fucking my high school married teacher. Whats more, your cherry was not broken before. And youre a Malay."

Honey just nodded as she moaned" Mmm, lovely cum, yeahh, yeass."

"I didnt know malay could be this horny and hot in this..."

"Well, Imm different... Lets meet again later at night..."Honey told me and got dressed up.

Before she leave, she gave my dick a long passionate kiss and nice blow job.

"Sure, tonight, right here where you lost your virginity will be where your pussy get penetrated stretched the 2nd time."